About Us

Rick Tracy

Rick Tracy

I’m passionate about design, period. And great design is about solving problems. More accurately, it's about the journey to solving those problems. 

I was actually a mechanical engineering major in college for several years, but I finally realized that the design challenges I loved most involved visual communications. So I merged my interest in technology with my lifelong love of art and became a graphic designer specializing in the technology market. 

I’ve worked for several technology companies during my career, learning from the inside how branding can affect the success of a corporation. This prepared me for the transition to owning a graphic design studio. It made me a more effective designer because I used to be in my future clients’ shoes. My experience as the corporate art director for Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.(BBN) in Cambridge, MA was invaluable. They had their hand in a variety of technologies which provided exciting challenges for my design department. The next step was to start my own design studio servicing technology clients. Cambridge Design Group was founded and 20+ years later we're still going strong. 

I'm also a co-founder of a next-generation digital film studio called X-Factor Films with my daughter (writer/director) and a producer from Los Angeles. I function as their creative director and of course it's my responsibility to help build the company brand. It's an exciting opportunity to work in a new industry and of course to work with my daughter.

— Rick Tracy, CDG Founder/Creative Director

Steve Dariotis

Steve Dariotis

Obsessed with clean lines, typography, and innovative design, I've been an avid graphic designer, art director and studio owner for the last 20 years. I've seen first-hand the evolution of the design industry through the perpetual push-pull between print and digital—and the affair with design has not stopped since. But I've never lost sight of what’s most important—develop long-lasting relationships with clients and work hard to blend creative design techniques with their products and services.

Outside of the studio, I devote my time to…more design? A series of small projects for friends and colleagues along with hiking (hurting my knees), listening to music (hurting my ears) and spending time with my family (putting things back into perspective). I've worked with CDG since the mid 90s.

— Steve Dariotis, CDG Founder/Art Director